Affluenza Strikes Again: Porsche Driver Shoots Homeless Man after Being Asked to Move Car

Image: Investopedia

If you haven’t heard the term “Affluenza”, it is the feeling of entitlement that the laws and other rules which govern society don’t apply to a particular person because of their affluence, i.e. wealth. The latest example comes from Nashville, TN.

Katie Quackenbush, a 26 year old driver of a Porsche SUV, had parked her car close to where a 54 year old homeless man named Gerold Melton had slept. According to Nashville Detectives, Melton had been trying to sleep when Quackenbush pulled up in her Porsche making all sorts of noise with both the exhaust and the car stereo.

What followed was an argument between the two in which each person claims that the other was more aggressive. What is not in dispute is that Quackenbush pulled out a gun and shot him twice, as a result of which Melton is still hospitalized fighting for his life.

Quackenbush’s father claims his daughter was accosted and feared for her life when Melton approached her. Detectives found the story less than impressive because after shooting him, Quackenbush didn’t call the police or even go home, but had apparently gone to a restaurant.

The Nashville Police had charged Quackenbush with attempted murder, and at the time of trial she will no doubt plead self defense. It should be noted that she cooperated with the police and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, leaving the scene of a shooting where you allegedly feared for your life and not even bothering to call the police is a clear sign of affluenza. The man she shot would certainly have much better chances of recovery had the police showed up earlier.

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