Donald Trump Jumps to Conclusions on Every Form of Terrorism – Except Right Wing Terrorism

The Charlottesville, Virginia rally which brought together Neo-Nazis, Klansmen and other various White Nationalist and Neo-Confederate affiliates resulted in violence, ending in the murder of a counter protester named Heather Heyer. To most of us, what had happened appeared obvious. A violent group of right wing domestic terrorists carried out a show of force in a liberal college town. To Donald Trump, things looked very different. During the surreal scene, Trump made a robust defense of his own response to the Charlottesville situation, saying that there was “no way of making a correct statement that early” and that he didn’t want to jump to conclusions without seeing the facts.

The hypocrisy of that statement has been documented numerous times, including in the latest attack on London at the Parsons Green tube station. Within hours of the attack, Trump sent the following tweet, jumping to immediate conclusions about the attacker as well as their motives, and even how to respond.

In fact so rushed was his judgment that the London Metropolitan had to put out a press release to condemn the tweet, characterizing it as pure speculation. UK Prime Minister followed suit by straight up stating that Trump’s tweeting about these events before the police has had a chance to investigate as “not helpful,” which is diplomacy speak for “keep your mouth shut, you idiot.”

This is not the only double standard Trump carries with him. For instance, when the London Bridge attack earlier this summer had a Muslim radical as a perpetrator, Trump predictably went on a tirade. However, when a Welsh-Born white British subject targeted Muslims near the mosque at Finsbury Park, Trump remained silent.  The same way he remained silent, when a Canadian Mosque in Quebec city was attacked, or here at home when a mosque in Minnesota was targeted and attacked.

So now, we know the what Trump order of priority is. When Muslims are targeted in a terrorist attack, there is no need to condemn. When non-Muslims are attacked, immediately condemn before there has been an investigation, unless the perpetrators are right wing white supremacists, in which case, equivocate about violence on “both sides.” Remind me again, how is Jemele Hill in trouble again for calling him a “white supremacist?”

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