Far Right Agitators Attempt Again to Drive through Counter-protesters after “Patriot Rally”

The driver being taken into Custody. Photo: Doug Brown.

A rally in Vancouver, Washington by far right extremists labeled “patriot rally” attracted counter protesters similarly to the rallies we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia. That rally ended in the tragic death of counter protester Heather Heyer when a participant in the far right “unite the right” rally drove a vehicle into a crowd of people.

Today the Guardian reported that once again, a member of the far right engage in the same type of intimidation tactics when he drove a large truck into a crowd of counter protesters. There were fortunately no injuries and the driver was taken into custody, as captured by a local journalist on the rally.

Let us remember that while corporate media attempts to draw a false equivalence between antifa, the more radical element of largely peaceful protesters and the fascist “alt right,” only one side has murdered so far, and attempted to intimidate the other side into silence by vehicular ran downs while simultaneously complaining about their free speech rights not being respected.

We have seen emboldened and openly racist white nationalists embrace the Trump presidency as their siren song, no longer feeling the need to tone down their hateful rhetoric, but instead chanting slogans like “The Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and Soil”, all copied from Nazi Germany. We must not equivocate between unrepentant Nazis and those who protest them, particularly during a time when we have a President who does precisely that, much to the delight of the fascists.

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