In Trying to Undermine Iran Deal, Republicans are Helping ISIS, and Isolating America

The Republicans are continuing their onslaught on President Obama’s agreement with Iran, a deal which not only insures inspections and limitations on Iran’s quantities of enriched uranium which could never be sufficient to create a nuclear weapon, but also avoids another catastrophic war in the Middle East where the United States could end up occupying a country twice the size of Iraq.

CKDIOMJWUAAvaDb[1]This deal is not only the best chance to avoid a nuclear Iran and prevent such a war, but it also insures America’s continued standing in the world. Remember, regardless of what the US does on Iran, our European allies, Russia as well as China have agreed to it. If the US were to pull out, Iran would then be free to disregard the terms of their limitations and resume enriching uranium without limit or supervision, while every major power on Earth would have to take an opposing view since they signed the treaty.


If President Obama’s predecessor is any measurement, perhaps wanting the Republicans to care about things like diplomacy. But, what about asking them to care about making sure ISIS doesn’t take over the Middle East?  Iran provides both financial assistance as well as militia troops to both the Iraqi and Syrian governments who oppose ISIS, assistance which is almost certainly going to disappear if the Iran Deal is scuttled, Iran begins to resume enrichment of uranium and start to prepare for the inevitable attack by the United States as hawks in the US begin to demand military action before Iran has a chance to build a nuclear weapon. What happens then? Why ISIS walks into Baghdad and Damascus, two major Arab capitals of Iraq and Syria respectively, invades its third country Jordan, and permanently alters the balance of power in the region.

However, askng neocons to consider the law of unintended consequences has been a fruitless affair, and our country’s recent history is all the worse for it. This is why their fear mongering must never become a factor in this deal, as they have been wrong about everything in the last 15 years and they clearly haven’t thought their Iran position through. Worse yet, they may have thought their position through yet, and either don’t care or welcome an escalation of war.  It is why the Democrats must gather sufficient votes to sustain the President’s veto in Congress, should Republicans attempt to overturn his agreement.

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