Post Bernie Endorsement, we are Polling our Audience: Who will you Vote For?

Although our editorial team has not been shy about their #BernieOrBust stance, we would like to poll our readership which was they plan to vote now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton. For all of you with scenarios of a Bernie come back, if that happens, we will be the first to eat my words and back Bernie. We are assuming that implausible scenario will never happen

So we post this poll to you, our audience.


Who Will you Vote for President After Bernie's Endorsement?
Hillary Clinton
50 Vote
Gary Johnson
12 Vote
Jill Stein
562 Vote
Donald Trump
25 Vote
I Will Not Vote
50 Vote



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  1. My concern is that Hillary is not the stronger candidate between Bernie and Hillary. I believe it should have been the other way… Hillary should have backed down to Bernie to assure a Democratic victory. The day after he endorsed her, Trump is polling higher in the “swing” states.

      • On July 29th I am leaving the democratic party. I can’t take how they colluded with Hillary in all the Voting Problems. They no longer represent me or even represent the way my parents held them in high esteem. they became another wing of the gop. I will have nothing to do with them. they disgust me

    • He didn’t lie he’s following in FDR’s footsteps We need to show up at the convention show Bernie we are still with him No matter what I will be voting for Bernie come November

  2. I had no idea who Jill Stein was before Bernie….she sounds highly intelligent and right. Not sure I agree with all of her stances, but I didnt agree with some of Bernie’s either….politicians never get 100% of their positions passed in to law (that’s for sure), so if I agree with say 70% of their stances, that is who I go with.

  3. I have morals, values and integrity therefore I can not and will Not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It is either Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein.

  4. My vote will stay with Bernie if at all possible. Otherwise I will back Jill Stein or not vote, depending on the option on my ballot.

  5. Bernie would have been my first choice but I’ll now be voting for Hillary. Bernie needs us to continue the political revolution he started and it’s not going to happen overnight. We can not allow Trump to win! He would be a disaster for our country and for the entire world. The future of our children depends on us. Bernie is doing all that he can to move our country forward and we need to support him.

  6. Bernie if on the ballot, or Elizabeth Warren if somehow she ends up on there, I wished she had run all along.
    If neither of those then, Jill Stein.

  7. I do believe this is one of Bernie’s strategies, but if he doesn’t make it back, I will vote for the Green party and Jill Stein as its Candidate

  8. I’m still #BernieOrBust #StillSanders #OnlySanders #KeepItGoingBernie…after the convention, should Bernie actually concede, I will back Jill Stein. No way will I ever vote for $hillary or Drumpf.

  9. I am not convinced that Trump would be worse than Clinton. I will not cave to Clinton fear mongering. I will vote with my conscience, come what may.Not Clinton, not Trump. Bold Progressives only, not Democratic Party at large.

  10. Bernie all the way. And since a write in will be pitched since he is not registered as a write in… If Bernie is not on the ballot then Jill Stein gets my vote.

  11. I’ll write in Bernie, if he doesn’t succeed at convention–we still have that to go yet–and if not, I’ll leave POTUS blank and vote the rest of my ballot. I can’t go against my conscience. But I’m not ignoring down-ballot races, and other interests, either!

  12. Love to vote for Jill but not on ballet yet. hope people wake up soon, b4 to late.

    help get Green on the ballet.

  13. 56%, or more, of the American believe the FBI got it wrong, and that Clinton should have been indicted. 72% of people 18 to 32 believe Clinton is not honest or trustworthy. Clinton endangered people’s lives, and endangered national security, with careless disregard. Lynch and Comey may have trashed our ability to enforce our security laws. Comey may have damaged the integrity of the FBI. Lynch’s testimony before the Senate looked pathetic. When Lynch refused to answer questions, and even refused to answer very basic simple questions of security law, it was obvious that Lynch was hiding something and had done something very wrong. Clinton is looking basically corrupt, and powerful enough to corrupt people around her. If the Democratic Party nominates Clinton, they will be significantly damaging the Democratic Party, and perhaps our country. As everyone knows, Clinton did not win the Democratic nomination, she stole the Democratic nomination. Clinton should be in a Federal Court on her way to a Federal Prison. Clinton has no business being in the White House. There is no way Sander’s supporters will ever vote for Clinton. Trump has promised to indict Clinton, if elected. Electing Trump may be the only way to hold Clinton accountable, and electing Trump may be the only way to fight the political corruption that Clinton just demonstrated.

  14. If Bernie is not on the ballot or I cannot write him in because the vote won’t count in NYC if he is not registered and I examine the other people on the ballot, I might vote for Jill Stein. In the next few months before the election and the primary things might change radically. But I definitely will not vote for Hillary or Trump! maybe not vote at all!!! or possibly vote for Jill Stein.

  15. Waiting till after the convention to see what happens.If nothing happens and Hillary becomes the nominee I will write in Bernie.

  16. Bernie has not given his delagates to Hillery. he only endorsed her. Until after the convention anything can happen.

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