Under Readers’ Pressure, NY Times Editor Promises Change in Sanders Coverage

It was frankly long overdue, but the fact that it happened is a milestone. Even in our decentralized media, the New York Times occupies a certain place of respect despite the fact that its readership is a fraction of what it had once been. And like most mainstream publications, the Times covered Bernie Sanders’ in a dismissive fashion, rather than as a serious contender for the presidency which he has now become.

Apparently, Times readers weren’t taking too kindly to this, especially since “Bernie Sanders” is the second most searched term on the Times’ site in the last 30 days. Amidst pressure and letters to the editor, Margaret Sullivan the public editor promised a reevaluation of her newspapers coverage of Bernie in the coming weeks.

It would appear that the people are slowly rediscovering their market power as well as political power and are revolutionizing how media elites behave towards them. Perhaps this is a good way for progressives to show MSNBC what they think of its Trumpathon.

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  1. Finally! The media blackout/insultathon on Bernie Sanders has been shameful. He is going to win this election…by the hard work of the everyday people.

    This revolution, so far, has not been televised. And it will carry on happening with or without corporate media.

    Whichever news outlets cover him will at least get credit for not being completely oblivious to the news.

  2. Readership is ‘a fraction of what it had once been’? Citation please? With the internet, it’s pretty much the opposite — the readership is 10 fold, and stories are available to everyone, worldwide. So, citation please?

  3. Bernie Sanders has unleashed the initiative of the 99%. He has a platform that will walk
    us thru and give us a way to move forward . He speaks our language. I have not felt this inspired since the 60’s.

  4. I understand what is meant by ‘the power of Bernie’s message.’ I have given up hours of poker playing time and quality time with my wife for Bernie! I have given more money and effort to his campaign than any other candidate in my whole life, and that is a long time! I even wrote a song about him and put it on YouTube! His message is strong! I can feel the Force!

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